Visalia Solar Service & Electrical: The Best of Both Worlds

Visalia Solar Service provided by JP Electric & Solar, Visalia CA

Visalia Solar Service

JP Electric & Solar, headquartered in Visalia, California, is your one stop shop for all your Photovoltaic needs. We can design, supply and install your Solar System with competitive pricing and flexible finance options. Read more

Electrical Service

JP Electric & Solar started as a custom home residential electrical contractor back in 1978, and since then, has built a portfolio of both residential and commercial jobs in the Visalia area that we feel says a lot about our skills and offerings. Read More

Finance Options

Currently more than 70% of homeowners finance their solar system. You’ll be surprised to find how easy it is to afford solar power for your home. Read more

Saving Money With Solar

Solar Energy Increases Your Overall Value

      • by lowering your monthly electric bill.
      • by reducing your reliance on fossil-fuel derived power sources.
      • by freeing up more cash each month, which can be applied to meet other expenses.
      • A home with solar sells faster and for more money than without solar.
      • by locking in the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the electricity you use thereby reducing your exposure to inflation.


When I decided to install solar, I was very careful about who I chose to work with. After many telephone conversations and spiels about whose product and service was better, I chose J.P. Electric & Solar as my installer and boy am I glad I did! I received my first SCE bill after installation and it was 50 cents. That’s right- $0.50! My next bill was 90 cents! Prior to going solar, my bills averaged $350! I still can’t believe it! We were so pleased with the installation and everything is so neat and concise. The team was comprised of very professional individuals and and it was a smooth process from start to finish. Thank you Jesse Pacheco and staff!
Clare Wortman