Solar Seminars in Visalia

We understand that we are in the age of information and some consumers want to learn more about solar and try find out the cost of solar sometimes months before they are ready to make a purchase.  Solar 101 is a great place to start.  We’ll provide you with far more information than any normal sales presentation.

Join us in the lobby of our office located 2115 E. Main St, Visalia. (2 blocks east of the DMV) every Wednesday Evening at 5:30pm

Topics include:

  1. How to compare quotes
  2. Overview of Products & Services
  3. Lease – Loan – and Power Purchase Agreements options
  4. Rebates & Tax Incentives
  5. Degradation is the measured loss of power your panels produce over time
  6. Why solar panel efficiency & quality design and construction of panels are important
  7. Inverters convert DC power into AC power.  Properly sized inverter is very important
  8. Newest technologies available
  9. Questions to ask to insure you get quality installation

Learn tips on how to choose a solar company, ask the right questions about installation and understand the solar process in a casual professional environment.   Please fill out the registration form below, or contact us for more info

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I would like to say that the solar seminar that was put on by JP Electric & Solar that my husband and I sat in on was so informative. Greg was not keen on going to a seminar, he thought it was going to be pushing him to purchase something. He was so impressed by the knowledge and how it was explained so that we could understand it. Greg even passed on the word to a few friends. Eric was really on the ball and very knowledgeable abut the solar. He answered all the questions that I threw his way and was never pushy. I am looking foreword to having JP Electric & Solar install my panels and having my electric bill reduced. Thank you!
Ceona Tilley, Tulare CA.