What is Different about SunPower Solar Panels?

When you’re spending money on an upgrade for your home, you want to choose a product that looks good and one that is also very efficient at doing what you want it to do. SunPower manufactures solar energy panels that do both of these things. As far as adding beauty to your home, the sleek solid black panels made by this company look far better than other brands that have lines and grids running through them. SunPower panels appear to be a dark window on your home’s roof because the electrical conductors are mounted on the back of the panels.

The same features that make these panels more attractive also make them more efficient. Announced March 2012 SunPower broke their own record with and even higher efficiency with the new SPR 327 panel. They are able to absorb more sunlight because the unattractive grids are not in the way. Also, with the electrical conductors on the backside of the panels, they push the missed sun particles up through the cell so that it can also be used instead of being wasted energy.  Solar panel efficiency is important and something that any experienced solar company will consider.

The SunPower system actually produces more power from less square footage of panels, and it’s a substantial amount of energy which is up to 50 percent more power than standard panels.  Because you are able to generate more electricity with these high efficiency panels, you can save more money on electric bills over the life of the panels. The panels blend into your roof so that they are barely noticeable while producing more energy than standard solar power panels.

These revolutionary panels provide solutions so that every home and building can use solar. They take less time to install and they can be used on complex rooftops where it would be difficult to install standard panels. These panels can also be used on rooftops with shade.  SunPower has been around since 1975 is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer an industry leading 25 year warranty on their panels performance and exceed the industry standard of 5 years to a 10 year warranty on workmanship.

Another very beneficial feature of SunPower panels is a new panel that has a patented micro inverter on each panel, it is possible to monitor each of the panel’s performance on your computer through a SunPower Monitoring System interface.  This enables homeowners to ensure the best energy output because they can see how much energy their panels are absorbing. The system is also very flexible because you can have some panels installed and add to your system later.

SunPower carefully selects and trains only the best installers to sell their products.  JP Electric and Solar is an SunPower Authorized dealer They are experts at installing solar energy panels, and they can provide a free estimate on how much it will cost you to convert your home or business to a solar system with SunPower solar panels. JP Electric and Solar has been in business since 1978, and they have helped many homeowners go solar since that time.

They work in Tulare, Visalia, as well as in Kings, and Fresno Counties in California. You can contact them at (559) 685-8313. They can design, supply, and install your solar power panels at competitive pricing. They are very happy to be a SunPower Authorized dealer since this company is the largest and best manufacturer of solar panels on the planet. They are experts at installation whether it is mounted on the ground or on your roof. Also, the experts at JP Electric & Solar will help you save more money with solar energy rebate and tax credits (just one of the solar energy advantages).