Update on the California Solar Power Rebates

California has long led the way in green initiatives. These initiatives include a number of rebates for both commercial and residential.  By far most of them being solar panel home installation. If you have ever considered installing solar panels on your home or business property, now may be your best opportunity to do so.

Whether you want solar panel home installation or need a commercial solar systems contractor, you will want to apply for the CSI (California Solar Initiatives) rebates as soon as possible. While an additional $200,000,000 over last year’s funding has been made available to cover rebates, the number of applications have more than doubled in 2011. Essentially this means these incentive will not last and in order to take advantage of it the application process should be started as soon.  JP Electric & Solar will take care of the CSI Rebate paperwork for you that will start with the required Energy Survey to determine where you might be wasting energy.

One of the major changes to the California Solar Initiative is that government and not-for-profit agencies are now eligible for rebates.

The CSI program currently in step eight of ten incentive levels as of April 2012.  The size of rebates have already dropped significantly, but don’t be discouraged because this coincides with the lower cost of solar panels today.  This is due in large part to the high demand for solar panel home installation.

Applications are processed in the order that they are received and approved.  Going Solar is a process which can take an average of  six to twelve weeks before NOT ( notice to operate) is receive by the utility company.   You have control over is when you submit the application and get the process started.  For more information on the California Rebates visit www.gosolarcalifornia.com

Whether you are looking for a commercial solar systems contractor or residential solar panel home installation, make sure to choose a contractor who will thoroughly review all of the current rebates and incentives available to you. A quality contractor should be able to give you solid information regarding the impact installing solar panels will have on your energy usage, along with being able to show you how installing solar panels will impact the environment. This is especially important if you’re looking for a commercial solar systems contractor to install solar panels for your business since commercial property owners in California face increasing requirements to limit their carbon footprint.

JP Electric & Solar offer commercial and residential solar panel installation. If you’re seeking a commercial solar systems contractor Visalia, CA or solar panel home installation in the Visalia, CA area, contact JP Electric Service. Let our 30+ years of experience work for you to save you money on your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.