Can Installing a Residential Solar System Increase the Value of Your Home?

Residential Solar Systems

With our recent struggles in the economy and resulting low prices for real estate, many people are looking for ways to cut costs and increase financial worth. Residential solar systems can be an attractive way to accomplish both of these things. California, being an area that is especially sensitive to energy efficiency issues, was among the first areas of the world to make significant opportunities available to solar panels installation companies. Like many things that have started in California, that trend is spreading across the nation.

Using residential solar systems as an alternative energy source is not just good for the environment, it makes good economic sense. Solar energy is clean and, thanks to an increase in solar panels installation companies, is readily available. But the economic sense goes beyond saving on your electric bill.

Studies show that residential solar systems can increase the value of a home at a rate of $20 for every $1 offset by their use. Studies of potential home buyers in California also show that as many as 91% feel that the energy efficiency of a home is a key factor in making the decision to buy it, and many of those also feel that utilizing solar energy will help them save money.

There are some real estate agents who may argue that while residential solar systems do add value, it is not so much that it offsets the installation cost. Even so, most do agree that solar energy is still a very attractive selling point. Having residential solar systems on a home may make the difference between someone choosing that home versus another that does not operate with solar energy.

Most studies agree that the installation cost for solar energy is recouped within 3 to 8 years by lowering electric bills, and solar panels installation companies are coming up with advances in technology all the time, making residential solar systems even more economical.

When all things are considered, if you want to make improvements to your home that will surely benefit you in the future and save you money immediately, contacting solar panels installation companies is a win/win decision.

These days everyone is looking for new and more efficient ways to get the energy we all need for our homes. Solar energy is not a new idea but you should know that advances in technology have made solar energy as good an economic choice as it has ever been and many solar panels installation companies are striving to make it even better. So, next time you are considering improvements to your home, think of contacting solar panels installation companies to tell you how you can save with solar energy.

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