Choose a Solar Panel System with Good Warranty and Performance

Solar Power Home Installation

When you are ready for a solar power home installation, you will want to be sure to choose a system that will give you what you are looking for. One of the main reasons for having the solar system installed is to save money on your energy costs (don’t forget there are California solar incentive programs which offer rebates and tax credits) . Buying a system that captures as much of the sun’s rays as possible will help your home have the energy that you need. It is best to choose a system that is sold with a good warranty and that is known for its good, steady performance. A reputable company with a quality product will stand behind its products. We are Authorized Dealer of SunPower panels - the best in the industry.  Be sure to ask about the panels that are being installed and about the manufacturer of those panels.

A reliable solar energy contractor Visalia, CA will tell you that not all panels are made the same. They are made in different ways, just like anything else. Some of them are cheap and don’t perform as well as others. The better panels are made by reputable companies and are sold with lengthy warranties. The largest manufacturer of the best panels offers a 25-year warranty on their products. The professional solar energy contractor knows all of the requirements that are needed to get the best performance and the most energy from your system.

Some of the issues that are considered when trying to get the best performance from a system are the number of hours that your roof gets sunlight during the year. Although this seems obvious, it is important to consider. Also, a professional contractor knows where the panel should be placed to produce the most energy. With today’s revolutionary panel style and design, any home can have a solar system even if there is shade part of the day or your roof is an odd shape.

Trained solar contractors know that the slope of your roof affects how much direct sunlight shines on various parts of your roof. It is of extreme importance to position the panels in the spot where they will do the most good in absorbing the sun’s energy. In North America, panels are almost always installed facing the south on slopes between 20 and 60 degrees. Although East and West facing panels are often installed and work well.

Dust and dirt also get on the panels on a roof, and they require cleaning two times each year in most cases. Even tiny particles that cannot be seen can keep the sun’s rays from entering the panels to be converted into energy. Although it is not always practical to clean the panels, more of the sun’s rays get through when there is nothing in the way.

A professional solar energy contractor in Visalia, CA is JP Electrical and Solar has been in business since 1978. They are able to design, supply, and install solar in your home at competitive prices. They also take an extra step to connect you with all of the rebates that are available to save you money. JP Electrical and Solar is advanced certified for design and installation, and they are experienced at customized designs for solar energy. They will find a solution for your home’s energy needs.

As a SunPower Authorized Dealer, they install the best panels in the solar industry. SunPower is the largest manufacturer of solar panels for good reason.  They manufacture themost efficient panel available with multiple pattens in technology.  They a extremely selective in choosing installers of their products.  JP Electric and Solar has been selected by SunPower and can offer professional installation and 25-year warranties on their solar panel performance.

You can call them in Tulare and Visalia, and Kings, and Fresno Counties in California at (559) 685-8313. When you call, don’t forget to ask about the California solar incentive program.