How do solar energy panels compare with other alternative energy sources for consumers?

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Nowadays there are many different ways to get the energy we need for our homes. Solar energy panels have been around for a long time, but new advances in technology have made them a better choice for energy than ever before, and solar energy companies are becoming more and more common.

Solar energy panels are just one of many alternative energy sources, but not all of them are readily available for an individual consumer. So, how do solar energy companies offering solar energy panels compare to some of the other popular choices?

Wind Energy

Wind energy is a source that we have been using for centuries. Man learned how to harness the power of the wind for sailing ships and made windmills long ago. More recently we have learned how to turn wind energy into electricity. Wind, itself, is free and something we won’t be running out of anytime soon. So what makes solar energy panels better than windmills?

  • Modern windmills can be considered unattractive in the landscape.
  • There have been recent studies as to the adverse effects of windmills on birds and bats.
  • Windmills can be expensive to set up for an individual business or private citizen.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is a natural resource and is environmentally friendly. It also has few emissions and harmful chemicals. Compared to solar energy companies, however geothermal energy facilities do have some disadvantages:

  • Geothermal fluid is corrosive at a low temperature, making it difficult for engines to generate heat.
  • The construction of geothermal plants can affect the stability of land and surrounding regions.
  • Geothermal plants may emit low levels of sulphur, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide.
  • Sites used for geothermal energy can eventually cool down, making their location no longer viable, unlike solar energy companies.

Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric energy is energy derived from moving water. A fast moving river or waterfall can produce a massive amount of energy and produces no direct waste. The main disadvantage of this type of energy, compared to solar energy panels, is it is usually produced on a large scale, making it difficult for an individual business or resident to take advantage of it without a hydroelectric energy plant already accessible.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a very flexible form of energy that we’ve been exploring for years. It is, of course, free and available every day. We use it both to generate heat and electricity. Solar energy panels are becoming increasingly more efficient as our technology gets better. It has been said that if solar energy companies could harness all of it, one minute of solar power could fuel the earth for a year. Almost any home or business can be fitted for solar energy panels and they do not have to be connected to a separate power or gas grid. While the price of installation may seem high, the initial investment can often be recouped in as little as three to eight years and solar energy companies are easier and easier to find.

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