Solar Service Installers

Residential Solar

Commercial Solar

Agriculture Solar

We can design, supply and install your solar with competitive pricing and flexible finance options. Licensed as an Electrical Contractor and Advanced Certified by SunPower for design and installation. We are able to custom design for your specific solar needs.


Full Service Solar Provider

All-in-One Solar Provider

One of the advantages of working with JP Electric & Solar is that we take care of every step during your switch to clean power—including engineering, financing, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring. We make it easy and affordable to go solar with uncompromising service that has made us the industry leader.

Custom Designs for Your Home

We know every family and home is different. Our knowledgeable energy consultants will work with you to design a solar system to meet your energy needs, financial goals and architectural style. Our in-house engineering team will then draft a set of custom blueprints based on your goals and your home’s architecture and electrical infrastructure.

Quality Installation and Project Management

JP Electric & Solar’s  professional installation teams have extensive experience and will build your system to our high standards. JP Electric & Solar has installed hundreds of solar panel systems for customers across the Central Valley. We use only the highest quality SunPower Solar Panels, equipment and hardware.
JP Electric & Solar has a full Customer Care team that will manage your project from beginning to end. We will handle all interaction with local permit offices and city and utility inspections.

Identify and Apply for Government Incentives

Federal, state and local governments offer incredible financial incentives to make renewable energy very affordable. But navigating through government programs on your own can be intimidating. JP Electric & Solar will identify all of the qualifying programs for your system and file the required paperwork for you. We will even credit you for the state rebate upfront so that you do not have to wait for the government to send you a check later, in all states where that is allowable.

Direct Financing

JP Electric & Solar’s flexible financing options allow you to install a solar system based on your financial goals. The combination of your low monthly solar payment and new lower electricity bill is typically less than what you are currently paying the utility company, plus you can lock in a lower cost for power for years to come.

Savings Beyond Solar

JP Electric & Solar can also help reduce your energy bills while improving the efficiency, comfort and health of your home. By combining solar with energy efficiency, and looking holistically at both your gas and electrical use, JP Electric & Solar can help you save more money by using less energy. The first step to savings begins with a comprehensive on-site Home Energy Evaluation to diagnose the causes of high utility bills and energy loss. We will then help you prioritize immediate efficiency remodeling repairs that have the greatest impact on energy savings.