We’ll help you Determine Which Solar Power Home Installation is Right for You!

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Ever thought about having solar power home installation done in your home? Installing solar panels on your home can be a great way to save money on your utility bill and help the environment. While you may know this, you may not know that when you choose solar power home installation, you have a few options. One of our first jobs here at JP Electric is to explain all of these options to you and make sure that you fully understand all of them. Then our professional solar power technicians will install the proper residential solar power system for your home anywhere in Tulare, California!

Did you know that both rooftop solar power systems, and ground-mounted solar panels are available for residential solar power systems? While rooftop solar panels are usually what’s recommended in a residential setting, these aren’t always practical as shading and other factors could interfere with the sunlight reaching the solar panels. In these types of cases, ground-mounted solar panels are best. However, the solar panels that we use can still convert sunlight into electricity even when partial shading is present. That’s why we’ll send out one of our professional solar power technicians to evaluate your property and determine, along with you, what type of solar power home installation is suitable for you.

Here at JP Electric we’re professionals in the business and together, we’ll help you decide what kind of residential solar power system you need in Tulare, California and go over all your options with you. Stop wondering if solar power is really for you. Come check out our online portfolio of residential solar power systems, and find out just how easy and practical it is to use solar power!

Head on over to our California solar installation online gallery while you’re here and see just what we can do for your home or business. We are professional solar installers in Visalia, California that have been providing customers with quality commercial and residential solar power systems. We know all of the expenses and costs that are bound to crop up on a project and we’ll provide you with a free solar system estimate that will reflect only those costs that are absolutely necessary. So in the end, all you’re left with are wonderful energy efficient panels done by a professional solar installer in Visalia, California.


JP Electric is one stop for all your Photovoltaic needs in Tulare and  Visalia California . We can design, supply and install your solar with competitive pricing.   Certified for design and installation we are able to custom design for your specific solar needs. Professional installation for your specific application whether mounted on the ground or roof top.  We also assist in saving you money with rebate resources.

Solar power home installation. Residential solar power systems Tulare, CA. Rooftop Solar Power Systems