Soak Up the California Sun with Residential Solar Panel Installation

Solar Residential Contractor Tulare , Visalia CA.

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Sure, you’ve heard of solar panels before and how they can help power and heat your home. But they can do much more than help; they can actually power your entire home and maybe even help get money back in your pocket. But before you start counting your dollars that you get back from the power grid, you first need a professional in residential solar panel installation. That’s where we come in. We are JP Electric, and we’ll show you how you can turn your home into a real powerhouse!

Our solar residential contractors in Tulare and Visalia can identify areas in your home where photovoltaic (PV) solar panels would work. Then we’ll take care of everything including your free quote and making sure you have only the most professional solar panel installation.  Once you have your solar panels installed and converting natural sunlight into electricity, you’ll see just how easy, and natural, electricity really can be!

How can solar power make you money? Everyone knows that the more natural electricity you use with solar panels, the less money you have to pay to the utility company for generating power in your home. But our solar residential contractors in Tulare and Visalia can also show you how you can contribute to the power grid when you use less power than you create. Once that happens, the utility company will send you a check for giving them power! Don’t believe it? Just talk to us about residential solar panel installation – and all the benefits it has for you!

Getting solar panels installed into your home isn’t just better for your pocketbook, it’s better for the environment too. Everyone’s thinking of different ways to “go green,” and having residential solar panels installed on your home isn’t the radical idea that it once was. More and more people are beginning to take advantage of residential solar panel installation, and are reaping the benefits because of it!

Solar Installation Experience

JP Electrical specializes in commercial projects. Let our certified & insured electricians do it right the first time.

Project Experience in Hotels, Apartment Buildings, Medical & Dental Office, Restaurants, City & School Public Works, Tenant Improvements, Strip Malls, Remodel, Professional Offices, Large Custom Homes up to 10,000 sq ft., Major Remodels, PV Solar Installations.


Need regular maintenance on a commercial building? JP Electric Equipment Includes:   40 ft. height boom truck, scissor lift, fork lift, bobcat, trencher, auger and trailers.  We have the right tools for any job or maintenance work.  We have the resources to provide timely and accurate service to the largest of customers. Call us today for a free estimate.


JP Electric is one stop for all your Photovoltaic needs in Tulare and  Visalia California . We can design, supply and install your solar with competitive pricing.   Certified for design and installation we are able to custom design for your specific solar needs. Professional installation for your specific application whether mounted on the ground or roof top.  We also assist in saving you money with rebate resources.

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