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We’re so glad you are interested in learning more about solar. As promised, below is your FREE Solar Buyers Guide. We are positive you will find it useful. Our solar experts are on standby to answer additional questions you may have.

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1. Gather your last 12 months of electric bills.

There are several ways you can get your usage. The easiest and fastest way is by letting us do it for you! Simply sign Edison’s Customer Authorization Form and email it to: .

Other methods include logging on to your Edison or PG&E account and downloading the information or call your utility company directly.

2. Request a quote.

Once you have your usage ready, we can begin the proposal process. Give us a call or request a quote here:

3. Let us do the rest.

Our solar experts will design the best solar system for you. We will review all finance options and ensure you are receiving the best proposal possible.

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