Green energy watch: Why solar energy is on the watch in Central California

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Green energy watch: Why solar energy is on the watch in Central California

As worries about the ozone layer and dwindling fuel supplies increase, more and more American homeowners are looking to lower energy bills and decrease their carbon footprint by looking at the sunny side of power options: solar energy.

In America, one state seems especially interested in solar energy: California. With its heavy commuter traffic, smog concerns and high cost of living, California residents are seeing a huge spike in the solar and green energy movement.

According to a study by the California Solar Initiative, the number of Californians that are installing rooftop solar-energy systems has skyrocketed during 2010 – and is poised to grow even more in 2011. The California Solar Initiative is a division of the California Public Utilities Commission and was established to help promote the use of solar energy in Central California.

Spikes in solar installation have been seen throughout central California; from more orders at a solar panel company in Tulare County, and a jump in Google business and Yellowpage searches for “solar contractor Visalia” and “solar energy contractor Visalia.”

The CSI report shows that, in 2010, residents installed 194 megawatts of solar-electricity-generating equipment. That is a 47 percent increase from 2009. The report also shows that there is now a waiting list for the Multi-family Affordable Solar Housing program, which is designed to provide tax incentives for families who install and use solar power in their homes.

Solar energy in Central California has also seen a boost because of the “million solar roof” goal set by former Governor Schwarzenegger, in which he plans to have more than one million California roofs outfitted with solar panels and has issued incentives to help achieve that goal. No wonder orders are up at a solar panel company is Tulare County and Google is hopping with searches such as “solar contractor Visalia” and “solar energy contractor Visalia.”

Though San Diego leads the way, with more than 2,200 solar roofs being installed in 2010, solar energy in Central California is also on the rise. Cities and counties such as Visalia and Tulare are starting to see the big benefits of green energy and learning how easy it is to use in their homes.

In addition to saving money on energy costs and gaining valuable tax incentives, solar energy in Central California can help cut down on harmful emissions from coal, gas and other non-renewable resources used in heating homes and water used in homes.

Few areas of electrical engineering have advanced as rapidly as solar energy, so it is important to use only experienced electrical professionals that are specially trained in solar installation. JP Electric Service, Inc. has served the Visalia and Tulare County, California areas since 1978 and is a name you can trust for expert solar installation, and professional, friendly service.