Go Solar and Help the Planet

Solar Power Company

Tulare, Visalia, Kings, and Fresno Counties CA

Most people realize that when you go solar you can save on energy costs. Of course, some question whether the savings justify the expense of having the solar panels installed. If you do the math, it does…big time. But solar power companies are able to do much more for you and your neighbors than simply saving you money on your utility bills. When people go solar, they help the planet.

Just how much do we help the planet when we go solar? Here are some of the major advantages solar power companies offer in terms of preserving our planet and its natural resources:

  • When you go solar, you help offset greenhouse gasses. Simply put, solar power companies are able to produce electricity without producing excess Carbon Dioxide. When you go solar, you can produce as much as six tons less CO2 emissions over the course of 20 years.
  • When you go solar, you lower pollution. It’s no secret that producing energy with fossil fuels is a dirty process. Solar power companies produce significantly less waste, both in terms of solid waste and in terms of toxins released into the environment.
  • When you go solar, you help conserve natural resources. We are rapidly depleting a limited supply of coal, oil, and other natural resources. Fossil fuels take eons for nature to produce. There’s simply no way fossil fuels’ supply can keep up with consumption. When you go solar, you lower your carbon footprint, leaving more of our natural resources for another day.

Doesn’t it just make sense to do the planet a good turn when we can? It’s our environment, and we need to take care of it, to pass on the best we can to our children and grandchildren.

JP Electric & Solar can help you go solar. Our experts can analyze your home and its roof, determining the most efficient use of solar power panels to generate the electricity you need to run your household. Some of our clients are able to produce enough energy from their solar power panels that they can actually sell power back to the electric company.

Over the course of time, solar panels pay for themselves several times over. Why pay the electric company when they could be paying you? At the very least, you could significantly reduce your utility bills. Even more importantly, you’ll be helping to save our planet’s resources for generations to come.

Call JP Electric & Solar today for a free solar evaluation and estimate. We’re confident that you’ll want to go solar when you see the advantages using solar power brings to your bottom line and the planet we call home.