Make JP Electric You’re One Stop Shop for Your Solar Panel Installation in Visalia, California

Solar Panel Installation Service

Are you a homeowner or a business owner? Are you always looking for ways to cut back on your utility bills and maybe even be a little more environmentally-friendly at the same time? Of course, one of the greatest ways to do that is with solar panel installation in Visalia, California. Installing solar panels is a great way to convert natural sunlight into electricity that can power your entire home or commercial building. And when you make the decision to switch to solar panel installation, there’s no better company that you could choose than JP Electric.

At JP Electric, we can design build a solar panel installation job of any size,  from your home to large commercial projects.

We can install both roof mount or create an energy farm with that open land you may have. on your farm, ranch or dairy.  Tulare County has so much opportunity to save energy and our land by leading the way with Dairy Solar Systems and Energy Farms.  These solar systems involve new technology that takes even more advantage of the sun’s natural energy, and can save you even more on your utility bill. These products, along with all of our solar panels and products are fully guaranteed with warranties. And in many cases, these warranties are for far longer than you’ll find anywhere else.  We are glad to assist you in researching available rebate and tax breaks.

We at JP Electric have more than 30 years in the electrical field having branched into solar installation over recent years. Past customers gladly refer JP Electric for installing commercial solar panels and residential solar panels in   Visalia, California.  We take pride in the fact that we offer our customers a quality product that incorporates the latest technology and is fully backed with multiple warranties. Plus, even if you’re unsure of whether or not solar panels are for you, we’ll give you a free quote. So you can see exactly what you’ll get and all the benefits you’ll receive, up front before anything is done, and at no cost to you! At JP Electric, we’re here to take care of all your solar panel installation needs in Visalia, California. Call us for your free estimate today!