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1. Save money and energy bills
A solar system that produces 80% of the electricity you use will reduce your monthly power bill by 80%. And with energy prices constantly on the rise, the solar payback you receive will only increase over time.

2. Positive cash flow from the beginning
Depending on current incentives and financing options, your monthly solar system payment could be less than the money you save on your monthly electric bill! This means you could start seeing a return on your solar system investment (your solar ROI) once your system is installed.

3. Solar prices have stabilized
It’s common knowledge that it’s smart to wait to purchase new technology. New technology is expensive and often has kinks that need to be worked out. Solar technology is not new! Solar has been around for decades, the kinks have been worked out, and prices have stabilized.

4. Increase your property value
Solar PV panels increase your property value as a fixed asset. So if there’s a chance you may sell your home or office building, you will still reap financial benefits by installing a solar system.

5. Guard against energy price increases
Energy prices historically increase an average of 5.5% a year. By installing a solar system now, you can lock in energy rates for the next 25+ years by producing your own free solar energy. Enjoy decades of savings

6. Take advantage of Government Incentives.
You have access to several rebates and tax credits from your federal and state government. However, these generous incentives won’t last forever. Now is the time to take advantage of these tax credits and rebates by investing in a solar system. Current incentives can save you up to 50% off the cost of your solar system. And what’s even better is we help you find and apply for these incentives!

7. Leasing option with no initial investment
You may be able to lease solar panels instead of buy them. This way you can reap all the benefits of less expensive, clean energy without an initial investment!  Other finance options available.

8. Carbon Footprint Reduction:
One significant benefit is the environmental impact you can have. See below an example of what a difference going green can make.

Example a 15.7 KW Solar System would create enough power equivalents to:

847,008 lbs of CO-2
1,241 lbs of NOx
282,336 lbs of solid waste avoided by recycling
Driving a car 1,016,410 miles
CO-2 absorbed by 9849 trees
127,600 lb absorbed of greenhouse gas created by garbage.

9. Solar Panel 25 Year Warranty
Today’s panels are designed to last well beyond the warranty period and continue to save you money.

10. Peace of mind
It feels good to know that you made a difference in your world, your pocketbook and added value to your home.  Never dread opening your utility bill again.

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